The Future of China’s Migrant Workers (Exhibit: Garment-Manufacturing)

I am starting of this blog with the main contributor to my interest in social, economic and environmental change. 2 years ago, in the scope of my graduation assignment, I conducted research on China’s migrant workers in the garment-manufacturing industry, mainly because I had witnessed migrant workers fate first-hand, back in 2012 during an internship in Shanghai, China. I wanted to give an answer to the question on how the situation will develop and if it’s going to improve, remain constant or even get worse.

Did I answer that question? I sure like to think so. But that is unfortunately not how it works.

Scenario Planning is a method that I had become moderately familiar with as I was doing quite a bit of literature studies on the topic. Still, I did not know what I would get myself into when I first started my research. Eventually, the result – 3 plausible scenarios that illustrate how China’s migrant situation might change by 2025, was a satisfying one, and one that was truly appreciated by the academic staff that read it and graded it. Limited to this one method, this report gives a small insight into what future study can be, why it is so intriguing and what the results might be – no factual predictions, but rather incentives for reacting to change and a foundation to do so.

In the course of this blog, I would like to revisit this study and possibly update numbers and figures as well as updates on policy changes etc. in order to see how realistic my scenarios have become or how far I am off the mark. Because let’s be honest – In the studies of future there is a lot to read on and a lot to learn, and I am certain that, specifically in this field, endless vigilance and studies of the past as well as the present are a necessity for me to do this rightfully.

China’s Migrant Workers 2025

N.B. I generally allow reuse of the information provided in this report, however, I would love to receive an email stating what purpose it served. (Just out of curiosity.)


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